Air Freight

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Where time is of the essence, we deliver by air freight all over the world. 

Air freight offers the fastest way of getting your goods from one location to another and we can provide this location to/from anywhere in the world along with a door-to-door service to any address.

Please note that there are more restrictions on the type and size/weight of the goods that are allowed to be transported by air and generally this is the most expensive way of transporting goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your most common questions. Should you have any other queries kindly contact us directly by clicking below.

When time is of the essence air freight will be the fastest way to transport and we offer this service from all locations over the world, delivering within exact times.

Air freight is used mainly for fast deliveries of smaller cargo.

The advantage is speed since delivery normally takes 3 or 4 days to arrive.

Air freight will is the most expensive mode of transport and there are several restrictions on size and weight apart from the type of commodity that is allowed to be transported.

Not all commodities can be loaded due to the strict laws/regulations on airplanes

Depending on size/weight

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