Sea Freight Service

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Sea Freight is normally combined with Road Freight to take advantage of the extensive sea/road network throughout Europe. 

In regards to Malta sea freight is our lifeline and we rely heavily on this channel for import/export of commodities especially in regards  to bulk goods where speed is not the highest priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sea freight is combined with Road Freight as our unit are delivered to port to then carried to malta

As Malta does not have any arteries to the rest of the EU , road freight is connected then by sea freight with 4 calling each week. And surley the most cost effective way to transport your cargo.

Combined to Road freight carrying your goods from point to point loading many different kinds of Commodity with more weight and volumes than other means of transport.

Compared to air freight, this kind of transportation is generally slower

Freight cost varies due the commodity and length of the unit that suits the commodity we are carryin

Depending on where we collect from but normally it takes 1 week

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